We are devoted to teaching the world how to fish. We are a fishing and outdoor brand, inspired by nature, driven by curiosity, and fulfilled by adventure. We make fishing and travel videos on YouTube, providing “how to” tips, and informative fishing destination videos, featuring sportswear, tackle, fishing accessories, and endorsed network of lodges, outfitters, and guides.


To make the art of angling accessible to a new generation of would-be fishermen and fisherwomen. To give people the opportunity to lead more fulfilling lives of discovery and adventure in the natural world. To explore the wild and protect it.

Whether looking for it or not, while fishing, people often find something more meaningful than the experience of catching a fish. Along the banks of the world’s waterways— the best souvenir from the shore is a feeling. The natural beauty of the landscape can impress upon you deep feelings of serenity and peace. The tranquil water awakens within you a sense of ease. In fact, studies show that being near the water naturally helps lower anxiety. Fishing allows you the opportunity to relax your soul, revitalize your spirits and renew your focus.

​Remember when Jesus said, “Give a man a fish…?” He didn’t. It was Lao Tzu. Let that sink in for a second… Like the founder of Taoism, we want to feed and nourish the spirits of the young and old, practiced and novice angler alike. Our hope is that you see the outdoors as a place of refuge, enjoyment, and personal tradition, that you will build joyful memories with family and friends, and that you learn to catch more fish with fewer casts.

​There is so much to love and learn about fishing. That’s why we created this library of articles, videos and blog posts to help guide you throughout your adventures. This site will show you what tackle you need, how to rig it, how to tie a good knot, how to cast, how to retrieve, how to hook and land fish.